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Awesome Mt St Helens

Mt Saint Helens USGS

I Have been here a couple of times and my jaw always drops a mile.This volcano is truly awesome , the hole in the mountainside where the eruption blasted out is enormous- Awesome is the best word to describe it. The first time I went I only really got to potter around. But the view from the Johnston ridge observatory is phenominal , although a bit dependent on the weather. The second time I went we walked Eastwards from the Observatory on a path which narrowed with a cliff and a drop.We got closer to the volcano. The whole landscape is grey and dusty but 25 years on the plants are reclaiming the land. A plant looks like Rose Bay Willow Herb was everywhere - pink spikes I call them.You can still see combed down trees and the view into the Tootle river shows the lahars. The visitor centre has a great film with a surprise at the end .