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Volcano Safety 

What to Take

Stromboli warning signFor the volcanoes on this site you won't need highly specialised equipment but for some of the volcanoes a few bit of extra kit will help keep you comfortable and safe.The most important thing to take is some common sense and respect for the environment.

You should always follow the safety advice of the authorities and follow the access restrictions. Some pieces of clothing,equipment and supplies are common to all outdoor activities.

A strong pair of boots with a closed toe and a grippy sole. If you will be on rough paths then boots are essential but for one of the more touristy volcanoes with only short distances or made up paths then trainers are OK. Open toed sandals will fill up with ash and grit and expose your feet to fumaroles and sharp lava- leave them for the beach!

On rough terrain then long trousers will protect your legs from lava scrapes.Gaitors are realy useful to protect your lower legs and keep ash out of your boots.

An adjustable pole would be useful to steady you on unven terrain, test ground firmness and for descending ash slopes. A hat,suncream and sunglasses,not just for sun but for blown ash too!

A mask or hankerchief to give you some protection from sulphurous fumes.A hard hat , in some cases this may be supplied by a guide ie Stromboli.Something to sit on to stop trousers ripping on lava and uncomfy lunch stops. Take care where you sit , sitting on 400C fumarole will not be comfy.If you take a camera be aware that volcanic ash can get in every where and steam and bases can be corrosive - so protect it.