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Hawaii:Haleakala - Big Red

Haleakala is the biggest volcano on Mauii to see. We drove through sugar cane fields to the bottom of he mountain road then zig zagged our way up o 10,000 feet leaving the clouds below us.

When we arrived at the top I gasped abit as we were so high. It was really windy and quite cold. We looked round the little observatory place which was protection from the wind.

We walked down the Sliding sands trail into the the red,vast dusty crater floor. Absolutely massive. It was really tempting to keep walking down but we knew we would have to come back out. So we picked a crater and walked to it. The thin air was noticeable and I had to get into a real rhythm to get out again. It was really dusty and it got every where later when we got back to the hotel my legs were red with dust and that was with trousers on.