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Volcanoes are found all over the world these guides will tell you about the volcanoes cause,geology,eruption history. If you are planing to visit a volcano whether to climb, sample the hot springs or just look in wonder then the "Things to do section" will provide you with all the best volcanic sites to see.We've included some of the worlds most famous,infamous and popular volcanoes. European volcanoes such as Etna and Vesuvius,Hawaiian volcanoes such as Kilauea, the awe inspiring Mt St Helens ,New Zealand Volcanoes such as Taupo, Mt Tarawera ,White Island and the Caribbean volcanic island of Montserrat.

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Remember we also have a volcano casestudies section perfect for school projects. We re still working on Japan,Costa Rica,Mexico,Africa,Indonesia and the Rest of the world. So many volcanoes so little time!

Click on the map below for volcanic regions or use the table for specific volcanoes.

Plate map of volcanoes New Zealands volcanoes. Taupo,Ruapehu,Rotorua, White Island European Volcanoes. Iceland volcanoes in the Land of Ice and Fire, Heimay,Grimsvotn and the Iceland Ash cloud. Italian volcanoes, Vesuvius,Pompeii,Etna,Stromboli,Vulcano. Canary Islands, Lanzarote and Tenerife. Caribbean Volcanoes. Montserrat ,Martinique Hawaii volcanoes Kilauea,Mauna Loa,Mauna Kea North American volcanoes. Mt ST Helens,Mt Rainier,Yellowstone,Hawaii


North America


Mt Etna Mt St Helens Montserrat:Soufriere Hills  
Stromboli Yellowstone Martinique : Mt Pelee  
Vulcano Crater Lake    
Vesuvius/Pompeii Lassen Peak

New Zealand

Santorini Hawaii:Kilauea  Lake Taupo  
North Iceland Hawaii:Mauna Loa Rotorua  
South Iceland Hawaii:Mauna Kea Tarawera  
Heimay Hawaii White Island  
South West Iceland Haleakala Ruapehu  
Iceland Ash Cloud 2011 Taupo Volcanic Zone  
Lanzarote Timanfaya Mt Rainer    
Tenerife Mt Teide