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Volcano Terms and Image Glossary. Over 90 volcanic terms and features of volcanoes illustrated and explained with volcano images. Find definitions for the types of volcano,volcanic eruptions,volcanic rocks and volcanic hazards. Stratovolcano,pyroclastic flow,pahoehoe lava and volcanic ash cloud are all here.

aa-aa Geyser Obsidian Volcanic Bomb
Acid Magma (Felsic) Glowing Cloud (Nuee Ardente) Oceanic Crust Volcanic Gases / volatiles
Andesite H P Volcanic Ash
Ash/Ash fall/Ash Cloud Hawaiian eruptions Pahoehoe Volcanic Plug
B Hotspot Paroxysm Volcanic Explosivity Index
Back Arc Basin Hot Spring Pelean Eruption Volcanic Glass
Basalt Hydrothermal Peles Hair Volcanic Lake
Batholith I Phreatic Eruption W
Benioff Zone Ignimbrites Pillow Lava White Smoker
Black Smoker Island Arc Plinian eruption X
C L Pluton Xenolith
Caldera/Caldera Collapse Lahar Pumice Y
Cinder Cone Lapilli Pyroclastic flow /Surge Yellowstone
Composite volcano Lava R  
Conservative Plate Margin Lava Column Rhyolite  
Crater Lava Dome Rift Valley  
Continental Crust Lava Flow Rock Types  
Cryptodome Lava Fountain S  
Continental Collision Lava Lake Scoria  
D Lava Plateau Seamount  
Dacite Lava ( pillow) Seismograph  
Destructive Plate Margin Lava ( aa-aa) Shield volcano  
Dike Lava ( Pahoehoe) Silicic Magma  
Dome Lava Tube Skylight  
E Lava Types and flow Smoke Rings  
Effusive Eruptions Lava Chemistry,minerals, Solfatara  
Extrusive Rocks M Spatter Cone  
F Magma Chamber Stratovolcano  
Fissure Mantle Strombolian eruption  
Flank eruption Mantle Plume Subduction Zone  
Flood Basalt Mid Ocean Ridge Subglacial volcano  
Fractional crystalisation N Supervolcano  
Fumaroles Nuee Ardente