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Vulcano Crater walk

Vulcano LKP

I arrived in Vulcano on a small boat from the neighbouring island of Lipari. Before we landed we could smell the sulphur wafting across the sea. On landing we headed up through a small village to the start of the track and a big warning sign telling of all the dangers ahead. So we carried on!

Vulcano LKP

Vulcan is only small so a quick hike and we came to the crater rim.Sulphur fumeroles filled the air with steam as we looked down into a inverted cone shaped crater. Clambering around we found bright yellow sulphur around steaming fumaroles at about 400C- stand too long and it will melt your boots! Go too near the fumeroles and you'll get a lung full of breath stopping warm, moist hydrogen sulphide.We had to cover our faces with scarves in the steamy bits. After a circuit of the crater we set off down a sloe deep in ash -like walking down a giant sand dune.

Vulcano LKP

The sea in vulcano bubbles with warm water so after a mud bath we had a swim. Three tips from me here take all your jewellery off, wear an old swim suit and lastly if you re a girl just check you re not going more au natural than you intended!