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Lava Flows

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Lava flow crosses the coast road in Hawaii USGSLava flows from volcanoes are rarely a threat to human life as the flow moves slowly enough to move away. Extensive lava fountaining can produce ash and tephra which can fall on grazing land or collapse roofs. Gas released from lava can cause air pollution and gas explosions from flows can be dangerous if you stand close enough. The main losses come from property and communications. Pahoehoe and aa-aa lavas present the most lava flow hazard whereas dacitic,andesitic and rhyollitic lavas present the more explosive eruption risk.

The rate at which lava flows is dependent on .

Hawaii:Kilauea lava flows

House consumed by lava: Kalapana Hawaii USGSIn 1990 and 2010 a lava flow from Kilauea engulfed and consumed the settlement of Kalapana.Between 1983 and 1998 lava flows from Kilauea also covered 13km of the southern coastal road to a depth of 25m in places. This eruption from the Pu oo oo vent is still continuing.Lava in Hawaii consumes a car USGS